1. Who We Are.

1.1 ExploreEvents.

Welcome to ExploreEvents - the most trusted platform for your ticketing and registration needs. We work hard to bring the world together through live experiences. Whether you want to search for local events or promote large corporate events, we can help you Sell Tickets and Manage Registrations in the easiest and quickest way possible. You can discover, share, create and register for any event/s by using our platform, mobile apps, and our services.

1.2 The Services; Responsible Party.

Our "Site" (which includes ExploreEvents website www.exploreevents.com.uk and domains, all of its web pages, subparts of those websites and sub-domains, and country level domain variants); our "Applications" (which include our services that are available through our "Site" or otherwise provided by us through various application programming interfaces and through our free mobile apps (ExploreEvents Organizer, ExploreEvents app, and the Rally app) are all offered, maintained, and provided by ExploreEvents. All of them are referred to as our "Services". ExploreEvents is a LLC corporation and is headquartered in Bellevue, WA, USA. ExploreEvents is responsible for collecting or controlling Personal Data through the Services. In case you have any concerns or queries, do not hesitate to contact us at the address provided above or by contacting us.

1.3 Users.

Through the "Services" mentioned above, ExploreEvents provides a perfect platform to all its registered users and "Organizers" (event planner, event organizers, and charitable organizations) to easily and quickly create organizer profile, speaker profile, event registration, fundraising and other webpages related to their event/s with a view of promoting those meetings/events to the visitors/browsers of the Services and also to selling tickets and registrations (this may also include offering free registrations), selling merchandise related to those events, soliciting donations from or to such events (including to the free events) ("Attendees"). All the organizers, attendees, browsers, and visitors of the "Services" are hereby referred collectively as "Users" or "you".

2. Our Privacy Statement.

2.1 Applications.

We are very serious about protecting your privacy and the privacy of your personal data, this is the reason we have created this Privacy Policy. Take some time out and read all the points that constitute our Privacy Policy as it includes very important information regarding your Personal Data (information that can be associated with a specific person and could be used to identify that person) and Non-Personal Data (information that does not constitute Personal Data) that is collected from Users on the Services.

2.2 Incorporation By Reference.

This Privacy Policy is incorporated into the Terms of Service by reference. No part of this Privacy Policy shall be deemed to amend, rescind, waive, or modify any other term of the Terms of Service.

2.3 Consent.

By using the Services described above personally or allowing someone else to use these Services on your behalf, you hereby consent to the use, transfer and storage/retention, collection, and disclosure of personal Data or other information/data received by us as a result of such use as set forth in this Privacy Policy.

3. Personal Data That We Collect.

Anytime you interact with us through our Services, you agree to allow us to collect your Personal Data and other information, the details of which are described in the following lines:

3.1 All Users.

For the all Users category, we collect your personal information i.e. Personal Data when you opt to provide all such information on voluntary basis to the Services, such as when contacting us with your inquiries, registering with us to access the Services, responding to any of our surveys, or browsing or using certain parts of the Services. The kind of Personal Data that we may collect from you may include but not limited to your name, email address, IP address, physical address and any such personally identifiable information which is considered as Personal Data under the applicable laws. In addition to that, we at times may also collect (Automatic Data) data that is sent to us from the computer, mobile device and/or through the browser at a time when you access the Services. This Automatic Data may include but not limited to information about how you managed to come to the Services, characteristics about your access device and/or browser, unique identifier associated with your access device and/or browser, statistics on your activities on the Services, and data collected through Local Shared Objects, Cookies, Web Storage, Pixel Tags, and other similar technologies discussed in more detail in our Cookie Policy. The Automatic Data collected does not come under the definition of Personal Data. However, at a time when you opt to register for the Services or otherwise submit your Personal Data to us, we may associate this Non-Personal Data with your Personal Data. This combined data may be treated by us as Personal Data till the time it can no longer be used to identify you or be associated with you.

3.2 Organizers.

In the capacity of an Organizer, we may need some more information from you. Under such circumstances, you will be required to provide us with additional Personal Data. This can include collecting your credit card number, the expiration date on your credit card, and your billing address. This information (Personal Data) is collected to secure certain payments. In order to facilitate your payments, you may have to provide additional financial information to us like your bank account details and your address if you want to use our payment processing services. We may also require your taxpayer identification number for tax purposes. At times we may feel the need to receive Personal Data from various credit reporting agencies, third party websites, our payment processing partners, and your bank (collectively called as Third Party Sources).

3.3 Attendees.

In the capacity of an Attendee, we may at times feel the need to seek more information from you, this may include collecting some additional Personal Data. In case you register for a paid event, we may ask you to provide additional financial information to us, which may include your credit card number, the expiration date on your credit card and the billing address. Some of this information may be regarded as Personal Data. In addition to that we may also use other sources such as our payment processing agents, other Attendees, your credit card issuing bank, organizers, social media integrations or other third parties (collectively referred to as third party sources) to collect or receive your Personal Data. The Organizers can collect virtually any information from the Attendees through their event registration pages in lieu of registration for an event listed on the Services. The information provided by the Attendee on a voluntary basis in lieu of registration for an event or otherwise will be available to us and will be held by us in accordance with the Privacy Policy outlined here. From time to time, this information is shared with the Organizers of the applicable event. Under such cases, our "How We Disclose and Transfer Your Personal Data: Organizers" policy outlined below provides the basic guidelines.

3.4 Privacy Policy Links.

We make sure to provide a link to this Privacy Policy on our websites and applications. You will be able to find this link in the footer of every page on our websites, especially on those pages in which we require you to provide us your Personal Data.

4. How We Use Your Personal Data.

The Personal Data that we collect in used by us in a manner that is consistent with this Privacy Policy. This Personal Data is used by us for various reasons, such as:

4.1 Specific Reason.

In case you have provided your Personal Data for a specific reason/purpose, we make sure to use your Personal Data only for the purpose for which you provided it. For instance, if you contact us via your email address to provide you answer to your queries or to resolve your problems, we will use your email address only to reply you.

4.2 Access and Use.

In case you have provided your Personal Data for the purpose of obtaining access to or use of the Services or any other functionality thereof, we make sure to utilize your Personal Data to grant access to or use of the Services or functionality that you requested for and also to monitor your use of such functionality or Services. In order to monitor your ongoing qualifications to use the Services, we may also at times use your Personal Data.

4.3 Internal Business Purposes.

Besides that we may also use your Personal Data for various Internal Business Purposes including but not limited to managing your account and providing your better customer services, improving the content and functionality of the Services, generally managing the Services and our business, better understanding our Users, enforcing our Terms of Service, and protecting against identity or addressing wrongdoing.

4.4 Marketing.

The Personal Data provided by you may also be used by us to contact you in the future for our marketing and advertising needs which may include but not limited to developing marketing and promotional materials and providing you such materials, informing you about various events or services that we believe might be of interest to you, displaying content in the Services that we believe might be of any interest to you. The Organizers, in particular, should note that we may use the information we collect or receive regarding the Attendees via the Organizer's event registration page and other sources as per the terms of this Privacy Policy, including in the manner set forth above.

4.5 Organizer Emails.

Since we offer our email tools to the Organizers to contact Attendees for their current and past events, you may at times receive emails from our side that are generated by the system and originated by the Organizers. In case you have registered for a particular event on the Services, your email will automatically be available to that Organizer. The Organizers may also import your emails from various external sources in order to send you communications through the Services. Please read the "Opt Out from Electronic Communications" section highlighted below on how to opt out of these communications.

4.6 Other Purposes.

In case we intend to use your Personal Data in a way that is not described in this Privacy Policy, we will inform you in advance and obtain your consent to such anticipated use of your Personal Data prior to or at the time of collecting this Personal Data from you.

5. How We Disclose And Transfer Your Personal Data.

5.1 No Sale.

We consider your Personal Data to be a vital part of our business relationship; therefore we take good care of the information provided by you. We are in no way involved in any business of selling your Personal Data to any third party or any third party advertisers. Under very rare cases (as set forth below) we may share, disclose or transfer your Personal Data to certain third parties without giving you any notice.

5.2 Business Transfers.

In the event that we sell our business or buy another business or assets, we may transfer or share your Personal Data. Similarly, in the case of dissolution, corporate sale, reorganization, merger or similar event there are chances that your Personal Data may become part of the transferred assets. You agree and acknowledge that any acquirer, successor, or business partner of ExploreEvents (or its assets) will enjoy all the rights to use your Personal Data and any other information as per the terms described in this Privacy Policy.

5.3 Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, and Affiliates.

In addition to that, we may also share your Personal Data with our partners/affiliates, subsidiaries or parent companies as per the guidelines set forth in this Privacy Policy. We also make sure to that our parent companies, affiliates, and subsidiaries use and protect your Personal Data as per the terms of this Privacy Policy.

5.4 Agents, Consultants, and Related Third Parties.

At times, we may hire or engage some other companies or third parties (for example database service providers, marketing agencies, email service providers, backup and disaster recovery service providers and others) to perform certain business-related tasks. Under such circumstances, we may share some of your information including your Personal Data with them so that they are able to perform their function in a better way.

5.5 Organizers.

Whenever you register for an event, purchase ticket to an event on the Services, the Personal Data that you enter, on the related fundraising page or event page is shared with the concerned Organizer/s. Same way when you donate to an event, the Personal Data that you enter, on the related fundraising page is shared with the concerned Organizer/s. In case of fundraising pages, we share your Personal Data with both the Organizer charity and the Organizer of the event to which the fundraising page is linked. You need to be aware of the fact that these Organizers have their own Privacy Policy regarding the use of Personal Data; hence they are not bound to treat the Personal Data shared with them as per the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy. You, therefore agree that we hold no responsibility for the actions of these Organizers as far as your Personal Data is concerned. It is therefore recommended that you carefully review the applicable policies of the Organizers of an event (and the related fundraising page, if applicable) before entering your Personal Data on an event or related fundraising page.

5.6 Facebook and Other Third Party Connections.

Since we allow you to connect your ExploreEvents page with your Facebook page or any other account on third party services, we may collect, transfer, use, store/retain or disclose your related account information with Facebook or such third party services as per the guidelines set forth in this Privacy Policy. For example, if you connect your ExploreEvents page with your Facebook account, we may store your profile picture, email address, location, first name and last name, your friend's list and your Facebook ID. We may use this information to connect with your Facebook account in order to share events that you are interested in and recommend events that may interest some of your Facebook friends.

5.7 Legal Requirements.

In case we are faced to fulfill a legal requirement, we may disclose your Personal Data. Some of the circumstances in which we are bound by law to disclose your Personal Data include but not limited to responding to a subpoena, responding to a court or a government agency, or responding to a request from a law enforcement agency. We provide your Personal Data to fulfill all such legal requirements with a good faith that such action is necessary (a) to protect the personal safety of Users or the Services or the Public, (b) to comply with various legal obligations, (c) to protect against legal liability, (d) to investigate or prevent possible wrongdoing in connection with the Services, or (e) to defend/protect our rights, property, or interests or that of third parties.

6. How We Store Your Personal Data.

Your Personal Data may be stored by us or by our third parties to whom we have transferred this data in accordance with the terms and conditions laid down in this Privacy Policy. We take all the steps necessary to make sure that the Personal Data collected via the Services is protected from misuse, alteration, loss, destruction, inadvertent disclosure and unauthorized access. However, you need to keep it in mind that no database, network, server, email transmission or internet transmission is ever fully secure or error free. Therefore, it is recommended that you take special care while disclosing your personal data and sending it to us electronically.

7. How You Can Access Your Personal Data.

If you are a registered user, you can update and/or access some of your Personal Data by simply logging in and visiting the My Account Page or you can also contact us directly at the address provided below for updating and/or accessing Personal Data that is not accessible through the My Account page. In case you are an Unregistered User, you can create a formal account. All you need to do is to Sign Up for such services. You need to go to the My Account Page to access /update your Personal Data, once you are done signing up. If you are an unregistered user, you can also use the option of contacting us directly at the address provided below. In case your request relating to accessing or updating Personal Data in deemed reasonable we will make sure to respond to it within thirty (30) days, however, if we find your request to be unreasonable (i.e. if it requires material changes or disproportionate efforts to our information system, if it is made in bad faith, if it is impractical or abusive, if it would compromise third party information or if it is a repetitive request), we hold the right to reject your request to the extent lawful.

8. How Long We Retain Your Personal Data.

The period we may retain your Personal Data depends on the period you continue to use the Services. Although you may choose to close your account with us anytime you want, we may retain Personal Data for an additional period as permitted to us by the prevailing law/s. Even when that period has lapsed and we delete your Personal Data; it may remain on our archival media or backup for an additional period of time.

9. Web Storages, Cookies, Local Shared Objects, Pixels Tags and Similar Technologies.

For Web Storages, Cookies, Local Shared Objects, Pixels Tags and Similar Technologies, you can refer to our Cookie Policy which is hereby incorporated by reference into this Privacy Policy.

10. Your Choices.

When it comes to your Personal Data, you can use any of the choices mentioned below:

10.1 Limit the Personal Data You Provide.

You can choose the option of browsing the Services by limiting the Personal Data you provide. You can also browse the Services without providing any Personal Data. If you choose to browse the Services with limited Personal Data, you may not be able to enjoy full features and functionalities. For example, if you choose to open an account or buy/sell tickets, you may need to provide only your email address and your name.

10.2 Opt Out from Electronic Communications.

(a) ExploreEvents Marketing Communications.

You will receive electronic communications from ExploreEvents advertising or marketing the Services or events on the Services to the extent you have purchased a ticket and/or registration or have registered for the services to an event listed in the Services. In case you are not interested in receiving these electronic communications, you can always "opt out" by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link available at the bottom of every electronic communication. You can also manage your email preferences by logging into your account and going to "email preferences" anytime you want.

(b) Organizer Initiated Communications.

ExploreEvents does not determine the content of the recipients of the electronic communications that are sent by the Organizers using our email tools and our system. This also refers to past Attendees who have registered for their events on the Services. If you are an Organizer, you need to make sure to use our email tools in accordance with the applicable laws. In case you do not want to receive these electronic communications from any particular Organizer, you can always "opt out" by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link found at the bottom of each email.

(c) Social Notifications.

In case you have connected your account with your Facebook page or any other social media integrations, you will receive social notifications (i.e. updates on what your friends are doing on the Services). If you are not interested in receiving these social notifications, you can always manage them by disconnecting such integrations or by toggling your social settings.

(d) Transactional or Responsive Communications.

There are some electronic communications that you receive from ExploreEvents that are responsive in nature and are initiated as a result of your request/s. Examples of such responsive electronic communications include but not limited to receiving emails from our customer support department in response to your email or receiving your ticket or registration from us (in case you are an Attendee) when you purchase such ticket/s or registration/s from us. You will still receive these emails; since these electronic communications do not withstand any unsubscribe elections you have made. The only way you will be able to stop receiving these electronic communications is by contacting us. You need to keep in mind that if you choose to stop receiving all the electronic communications from our side or through our system, you will not be able to receive any updates on events you have created, you will not be able to receive any updates on payout issues, you will not be able to receive any updates on events you are registered to attend, and you will not be able to receive any updates on emails with your tickets. Therefore, you need to be very careful to choose this option, use it only when you plan to not longer use the Services, or you are not currently organizing an event, or you are not currently registered for an event, or you have no need to receive any further electronic communications from our system or from us.

(e) Retention.

It takes us up to forty-eight (48) hours to process your unsubscribe request. We may retain your Personal Data in accordance with this Privacy Policy, even after you have unsubscribed all electronic communications. However, we give you the surety that we will not use this Personal Data to contact you in the future. We do not take any responsibility for the use or handling of your Personal Data by the Organizers, as they follow their own Privacy Policy to use Personal Data, but we will make sure that they do not use our system to do so.

10.3 Do Not Track.

As of now, we do not partake in any "do not track" frameworks. If you are using signals or other mechanisms for the collection of Personal Data, we won't be able to respond to such mechanisms.

11. Exclusions.

11.1 Personal Data Provided to Others.

Any Personal Data that you have shared with or provided to another visitor or user through the Services or through any other means like information posted by you on any public areas of the Services or on the events pages does not come under the purview of this Privacy Policy.

11.2 Third Party Links.

The Services section may contain links to other sites called the "Third Party Sites", these third party sites are not operated or controlled by us, so the Privacy procedures described here does not pertain to them. The fact that the Services section contains links to other website does not in any way imply that we have reviewed or we endorse these Third Party Sites, therefore we suggest that you contact those Third Party sites directly for information regarding their Privacy Policies.

11.3 Non-Personal Data.

We may also collect your Non-personal Data at a time when you interact with the Services. This Non-Personal Data may include but not limited to IP addresses, domain names of Internet Service Provider, a record of your usage of the Services, Automatic Data, your approximate geographic location. All the terms and conditions, as well as limitations of this Privacy Policy on our storage/retention, collection, transfer, and disclosure of Personal Data, do not apply to the Non-Personal Data. We may also collect such information (Non-Personal Data) from the Third Parties. At times we may combine the information collected from you and the Third Parties and when we combine Personal Data with the Non-Personal Data we get a combined data. This combined data is treated by us the Personal Data.

11.4 Aggregated Personal Data.

In order to provide better Services to our customers, we often conduct research. This research may include collecting information on our customers' demographics, behavior, and interests. We may rely on the Personal Data and information that we have collected to conduct such research. In order to carry out this type of research, the data is compiled and analyzed on an aggregate basis; therefore, it does not identify a particular person/s. As per this Privacy Policy, this data is treated as Non-personal Data.

12. Children.

Under no circumstances, we knowingly collect Personal Data from children under the age of thirteen (13) years. All those who are not thirteen years old are hereby strongly discouraged to submit any Personal Data through the Services. We further suggest that legal guardians and parents should monitor their children's activities while they are using the Internet and should instruct their children not to provide any Personal Data through the Services without their permission. This cooperation from the legal guardians and parents can help us enforce our Privacy Policy. In case you have solid reasons to believe that your child (under the age of 13) has somehow submitted any Personal Data through the Services, you can contact us anytime you want and we will make sure that the Personal Data provided by your child (under the age of 13) is deleted from our databases.

13. International Privacy Laws.

All those who are visiting the Services from outside the US, need to keep in mind that all our servers are located in the US and they are sending the Personal Data to the United States of America. We treat/store this Personal Data and transfer it within the United States of America or back out of the United States on the basis of its type. While your Personal Data is on our servers in the US, it will be held and processed in accordance with the privacy laws in the US and this Privacy Policy. You need to keep in mind that the Privacy Laws in the US may not be the same as in your country and in some cases, the Privacy laws in the US may be less protective. You also need to keep in mind that the while in the US, your Personal Data may be subject to lawful access requests by various government agencies.

14. Change To This Privacy Policy.

With the changes in our business and services, we may feel the need to make necessary changes to this Privacy Policy. We reserve all the rights to make modifications (changes or updates) in our sole discretion to this Privacy Policy anytime we deem fit. These changes/updates/modifications will be posted to the Site with a change to the "Updated" date at the top of this Privacy Policy. Under certain circumstance, we may, but not need to, provide you with additional notifications of such Modifications via in-service notifications or via email. It takes on an average thirty (30) days for these Modifications to become effective. Therefore, you need to make sure to visit and review this Privacy Policy from time to time especially before you provide any Personal Data. You will be able to find the date at which the current Private Policy was updated last time on the top of this page. By continuing to use the Services following the effectiveness of any Modifications to this Privacy Policy you hereby accept those Modifications. In case you do not agree to or accept any Modifications to this Privacy Policy, you should immediately cease to access, browse, and otherwise use the Services.

15. Dispute Resolution.

In the event you have any complaints or suggestions as far as our Privacy Policy and Privacy practices are concerned, you should write to us at the address provides underneath. ExploreEvents, Inc., Attn: Privacy Officer, ---------------------------------------------------. You can also contact us via email to privacy@exploreevents.com. We will take all possible actions to work with you in order to resolve your complaint/s.